Empowering You
R249 p/m
per account
R849 p/m
per account
Retrieval of Utility Account from Supplier

We will download your utility account from your Supplier on your behalf as soon as it becomes available. We will email the account to your customisable list of contacts, saving you time so you can focus on the things you need do.

Monthly Technical Analysis and Trending

Commodity trending gives you great insight into what you have been metered for in the current month against historical usage. Errors are usually picked up months or years after a meter reading error, if ever… Now you can identify high or low usage straight away, don’t wait until it’s too late.

Monthly Financial Analysis and Trending

Understanding utility costs is paramount to budgeting, forecasting and identifying possible account billing irregularities. We will trend all financial variables on your account which will give perspective on your monthly costs so you can identify periods of high usage and take action straight away. Afterall this is your cashflow and we all know cash is king!

Issue Generation and Notification

We are continually developing algorithms to help you identify possible account billing issues. If our analysis identifies any issues, we will generate an issue in the system and  notify you right away, saving you time and money!

You can also preselect what happens with an issue. Most Clients don’t have the manpower, time or inclination to try resolve an issue with their Supplier. If you have tried before you will know what we mean. It can take days, week’s even years to try sort out an account issue. Broadcast your issue and have specialists contact you to assist and resolve.

Online Dashboard

Log into your online dashboard to view all your account information and profile settings. Add more accounts or edit what happens if an issue is identified. Customise each accounts contact list and issue resolution mapping.

Reports Delivery to your Inbox

Decide which reports you want delivered to your inbox. We don’t want to clutter your inbox with too much information. Many Clients only want to know if there are any issues and if their account is okay to pay

Supplier Account vs Check Meter Account Comparison

In most cases admin or finance are responsible to audit all invoices but are powerless to audit utility accounts as the costs are determined using unvalidated technical variables.

 So how can we empower you?

 ​Our futuristic tech empowers you by validating your utility account with speed and precision automatically. We compare the technical and financial information from both the Supplier account and Check account for you. If any issues are identified we will notify you straight away so you can focus on other important tasks.

 Turn on the power of Automatic Meter Reading “AMR” and integrate your utility account into an advanced AMR system. This is the holy grail of account verification and auditing.

Monthly Check Meter Profiling (Automatic Meter Reading with tariff costs)

Turn on the power of Automatic Meter Reading “AMR” and view your consumption profile on a half-hourly grid. This will help you understand how you consume a commodity over a selectable period of half hour intervals. Many of our clients use this tool to calculate the cost of production over a period or plan demand side management.


There are so many tools available to you such as power factor, tariff comparison, phase balancing and many more…

Empowering You
R249 p/m
per account
R849 p/m
per account

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We know first hand what it takes to manage over 5,000 accounts per month without a solution like this. This solution is geared to empower administration by freeing up time and improving efficiency.


- Automated Account Retrieval

- Automated Account Audits

- AMI Validation


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