The Future of Account Auditing is Here

This platform has a number of key efficiency and cost benefits:

  1. It is cloud-based, so one can work from anywhere in the world;

  2. The technology is available in many countries;

  3. Scalability. The platform works the same for someone with just one account or a department that manages thousands of accounts;

  4. The platform replaces the time it takes for someone to login to the Supplier site and download accounts or pulls the account out of emails;

  5. No need to print the accounts for capture. The platform captures the account automatically and keeps a repository of Supplier accounts;

  6. The platform negates the risk of finger errors during manual capture;

  7. The platform works 24/7. No matter how many accounts need to be audited, no person or team will ever work quicker or more accurate than this platform;

  8. The platform trends the technical and financial information and generates validation issues automatically;

  9. Simple view for validations and resolve. Track, comment and upload files to each issue;

  10. Users, departments or utility management companies can now spend focused time resolving pre-identified issues making their role more effective and efficient;

  11. Streamline utility payments through integrating the accounts that pass validation into existing systems or via a flat-file;

  12. If the site has a smart meter that we can add to the platform, the system will automatically validate the Supplier technical and financial information against the check meter info and applicable tariff;

  13. If the site does not have a smart meter, we will set one up on the platform, make sure it’s programmed and setup correctly and ship it to the site for installation;

  14. The platform can currently communicate with most of today’s smart meters like Enermax, Landis&Gyr, Elster, AMI, etc. If there is a new meter, all we need is the protocol and we will add it;

  15. The platform’s AMI not only integrates with electrical meters but also water and gas;

  16. The platform has a contingency. If for any reason the data pulled incorrectly, the user can edit the pre-automated captured data;

  17. The platform can also be used for auditing other accounts like Telkom, MTN and other Suppliers;